Love yourself, your body, your man, your family, your life… your choices! Not everything we do or everything we have is a choice, but when we hold the power to make them and opportunities are ours to have and  embrace we are given an incredible gift to paint our own world with colors and textures limitless. To sleep in, play hard, work hard, watch sunsets, laugh our tears from pain to pleasure. We have the ability to build our lives from the ground up – tear it down and start again.
When we have such an abundance of directions to choose from sometimes feeling overwhelmed, unable or small can cloud or judgment and make us lazy or fill our minds with anxiety. Having so much freedom can almost feel like a burden. On the contrary  having such freedom at times results in selfishness, unsatisfied desires, and discontentment with our blessings in each day simply because we are always looking for what’s next, new or available to us.
Being ambitious I believe is important alongside utilizing our opportunities for the taking, but I am learning to be content with what I have; knowing that these are choices I made. Instead of reaching for something new all the time, I am learning to invest in the choices I’ve previously made – that there is beauty in continuing to choose what I have already chosen, that by embracing these choices I am gaining something deep, personal and close.  It births vulnerability and value in choices that one day may not choose us back – that we may one day loose to changes, death or loss.  Yes;  this can be scary, down right terrifying.  Perhaps this fear forces us into retreat, building space and distance around ourselves and our eyes find themselves looking forward, for something new.
However I choose NOT to be afraid of loosing, I am not afraid of death or change. I will always rise above my challenges; whether they grow beautifully or fall apart; it’s all apart of me. I do not fear loosing, because who knows when my last breathe will be. A wealth of choices and experiences will not fulfill a satisfied life to look back on, but giving all of myself in all that I do will, 100% of me.  There will always be more to see and more to do; but it’s not how much you do, it’s how you do it.  There is no satisfaction like humbling yourself by giving yourself; whether into others or into you.   I will consciously decide to enjoy my life in all it’s faces because I am learning that I am blessed with today, if it’s my only day, I am blessed.  My lessons, small or large, joyful or hard are blessings. These are  building blocks to my happiness. Everybody deserves a bit of happiness, and I desire to bring joy in other’s lives by bringing it into my own.

I will continue to take on new challenges and adventures, but when I make a choice instead of taking flight at the next opportunity that present itself to me alone, I will begin to recognize it’s value and all the other opportunities I would not have reached without having made the choices I have made – they themselves open up  undiscovered pathways and experiences. By investing in choices we are not missing out on all the things we can do alone or all the things and people we may find, but we are discovering a whole new world filled with incomparable opportunities to entertain  with the people and things we have already chosen.
I am learning to see the value in personal investment, the value in my choices, and with this I am uncovering what mean’s the most to me;  I would rather be apart of that than abandon my decisions; I trust my choices, I would not purposely steer myself wrong; after all at one point it was an untouched road, that I don’t mind building a home on. A place to rest my head, call my own. I am still able to explore much more when I have somewhere to come back to, to compile my discoveries, refuel and ground myself. If one day it all uproots itself I will plant it somewhere else – this life is ours for the taking. Trust in your decisions, follow the beat of your song,  change the track, build alone and with others, do lots and then do nothing! Just be you – what may and what will, will begin to build it’s way into your life, and together incredible ventures, inside and out, will be yours.
Frankly…. I’m stoked 🙂

DON’T REGRET. and RECOGNIZE YOUR CHOICES ARE BEAUTIFUL and  leading you to where you are MEANT TO BE, opening doors, windows and sunroofs to an entirely precious world of opportunities.

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__ when I shift between my weight and soul - I feel peace in every part of me.
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1 Response to Direction

  1. chjoz says:

    and sometimes when we choose the choices we have already made’ things get hard, and aren’t always easy or ‘fun.’ Sometimes in these moments it seems like the best opportunity for ourselves is to take the next thing that comes along as promising. However we have to decide the worth of our choices and recognize the merit they have. That it’s better to suck it up, work hard, deal with arising issues etc… because we truly, deep down, KNOW it’s worth it. Kind of the concept “build it anyways.” 🙂

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